We are safe:we test our employees regularly at Ergolain

We are safe: we test our employees regularly

Since the beggining of April, we are testing our employees regularly at Ergolain. It is the responsibility of every company to let employees feel safe at work. We check for COVID-19 and declare - we are healthy. We are proud that Ergolain employees consciously and voluntarily check every 7-10 days for COVID-19 virus.

A large proportion of employees have been chosen to work from home since the autumn, however direct meetings with cutomers and suppliers are important due to our work nature. Our goal is that both us and people we interact with, could feel safe.


We use support provided by the State

Ergolain  encourages other companies to follow our example. We respect everyone's personal choice for testing, however we believe that health is the most important. If you have not already considered the opportunity of testing the employees on regular basis, check out the support provided by the State.

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