In times of crisis, everyone must unite - climate change is no exception. The planet’s resource budget is limited and it is running out. Research shows that eco-friendly businesses are the way out. At the ‚Verslo Žinios‘ ‘Sustainable Business’ conference, companies who care about the environment shared their experiences on how to reduce the environmental impact of their business. 

Vilma Bružienė, the head of the Ergolain group of furniture experts of the Office and HORECA, shared the first steps that every company could try to take and the practical solutions. According to her, it is often encountered by companies that understand the importance of ecology, but do not think about the daily habits in their companies, which have a negative impact on the environment. Several solutions that Ergolain now calls everyday have helped educate employees, customers and society.

First, you will find only three bins in the company's offices: plastic, glass and cardboard. In the offices, we gave up trash under the desks and this encouraged the staff to SORT.

In the second phase, we changed our sales strategy. Every customer who wants to settle in a new office is first asked about the condition of the old office furniture. We recover and update them when possible. In other cases, we offer a catalog of sustainable furniture that is constantly updated with new products.

Ergolain BE GREEN sustainable

Ergolain has also added furniture made from recycled materials to its product range. One of the most popular standard furniture - BE GREEN - height-adjustable table is produced at almost twice lower cost. We make not only a table from a standard plate, but also a drawer container. This reduces the amount of scrap from 20 percent up to 5.97 percent. We also sort industrial waste. Recycled waste is returned to the company's factory as secondary raw materials.

"Sustainability doesn't just have a moral meaning, it's a new business language in today's world," says Ergolain, group manager. The idea was supported by other speakers at the conference. They stressed that businesses that do not promote environmentally friendly values ​​will simply have to leave the market. It is important to spread this idea, but it is even more important to act on it.