The mobility offered by laptops, telephones and tablets to work anywhere has led to the introduction of unconventional spaces. This includes lounges that are scattered around the office, allowing employees to get away from their normal workplace and spend time in a more informal environment. In respite from the pandemic as workers returned to the offices the lounge space became particularly significant. In part, they are reminiscent of the comfort of home, where we are already used to working. Research shows that 93% of technology industry workers were more likely to stay in a business that created spaces such as lounges for their employees. In a modern office, by encouraging employees to work from the office, companies that take these extra steps to take care of their employees have an advantage.

ERGOLAIN Project: Vipps lounge area (Norway)

Short breaks during work promote employee productivity and contribute to the employee's physical and psychological well-being. Informal conversations with colleagues, coffee breaks create a workplace culture, communication and cognition between colleagues. The lounges offer to come together to collaborate and share ideas in a new space. However, lounge areas encourages workers not only to rest, as research shows that 35% of U.S. workers use lounge areas for serious work as well. Here, more casual meetings or individual work are organized to move away from the usual work setting.

ERGOLAIN Project: Vipps lounge area (Norway)

To make the lounge cozy, encourage creativity and innovative thinking, attractive, but at the same time suitable for work, the layout of the room, interior and properly selected furniture are used. The minimum solutions for this space are:

ERGOLAIN standard soft seating BOXY
  • Acoustics (acoustic panels, acoustic sofas, acoustic lighting separates areas, provides privacy and insulates sound)


  •    Proper lighting (because workers choose lounge areas for work - proper lighting is essential)


  • Sofas (soft, cozy and a little more formal for small meetings)

  • Unusually shaped upholstered furniture that invites not only to sit down, but also to lie down or otherwise comfortably settle, which is the opposite of proper sitting in the workplace. Resting as opposed to sitting in a work chair correctly also helps you to retreat, relax, and regain productivity during the day.


  • Collaboration tables. Wide and spacious tables allow a teamwork, which is especially important in generating ideas and performing creative work. At this table no one will be left alone and everyone’s thoughts will be heard.

ERGOLAIN standard soft seating BASTION
ERGOLAIN Project: 'Helis' office lounge area

In addition to the essential features, these spaces will become more attractive if you add exclusive designs or creative elements. For example, Ergolain designers in the ‘Revolut’ project added swing to the lounge area. In the ‘Helis’ project, we decorated the recreation area with an artificial grass wall, placed soft seat bags and table football. There are many solutions to make these spaces interactive: large wall screens will bring employees together for joint movie screenings, table tennis and other games encourage team building, a chalk wall will allow you to draw, write, motivate employees with various messages.

ERGOLAIN Project: 'Revolut' office lounge


A 2019 Turnstone study found that only 25% of U.S. workers have access to lounge areas in the workplace. It is noteworthy that the younger generation is already noticing this advantage when choosing a job. Employees have been found to even agree to a 10% lower salary if the company’s office environment is modern, comfortable and innovative. An inventive lounge can become the company's center of attraction for young talent and a place where the company's internal culture can be properly presented.

ERGOLAIN Projektai: 'Revolut' office lounge
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