Conference: ,,Future of offices: Making the best out of pandemic future”

The rumors predicting the end of office era were announced prematurely

Ergolain, office and HORECA Furniture experts, together with other industry experts shares how modern companies are transforming offices and creating a safe work environment. ‘Future office: Making the Best of Post-Pandemic Workspace Evolution’ conference was full of insights, innovative solutions and inspirational ideas on the new office concept and how it could serve us in our daily work life.

Prime Trends

‘Companies are actively applying the hybrid work model, where part of the team works in the office and part remotely. The number of remote meetings, communication with team members working in other cities or countries, customer service make Zoom spaces a necessity in every office. In open-plan offices, single, double or quadruple acoustic booths are rapidly gaining popularity, where it is convenient to talk privately or work unhindered when you need to concentrate” - V. Bružienė presented the trends.


"Companies are moving from inefficient buildings to modern offices because they want better working conditions for employees. At the same time, they take care of their image as an employer” emphasizes Indrė Narauskaitė, Head of Solutions department at the Newsec office.

Safety, attention to hygiene and health, technological convenience are the essential aspects of a modern office. Ernestas Kuprinskas, head and partner of the technology solutions company Altum retail, points out that companies are actively looking for ways to ensure maximum safety and comfort for their employees.

Vilma Bružienė also adds that wellbeing should be at the core front of every company nowadays. Mental and physical health can be supported in variety of ways. Modern workplaces incorporate ergonomic furniture, spaces like lounge areas, gaming rooms, large kitchens. Everything to keep employee healthy and even more productive. Workplace should feel like second home.’ shares CEO of Ergolain.


The pandemic did not destroy office concept, but only encouraged companies to look for ways to adapt to the ‘new normal’. At the same time, the pandemic gave us unique opportunity to create a more attractive and modern office space where every employee would feel valued and welcomed.




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