Office kitchen: the heart of the workplace, creating a positive relationship and a pleasant atmosphere.

There is a high probability that employees themselves do not pay attention to the interior, furniture or layout of the office kitchen. After all, the main purpose of the kitchen in the workplace is the ability to drink a cup of coffee or to quench hunger in a hurry. The most important attributes of this space are a coffee machine and a tea kettle.

When installing workplaces, Ergolain designers encourage customers to pay attention not only to well-equipped workplaces, but also not to leave common office spaces aside. Often, we do not appreciate the advantages of well-equipped premises to create a warm and cozy workplace mood. However, a skills and employment survey conducted in the UK (2018) shows that interior solutions and the atmosphere of the space created have a positive impact on peer communication and employee productivity.

If you are installing a new office or trying to renovate the space to create an environment that is pleasant for both work and relaxation during lunch breaks, Ergolain designers advise what to look for when designing office kitchens.


First, as far as possible, the kitchen should take maximum space. Based on the Energy and Environmental Design Leadership (LEED) evaluation system, it is recommended and optimal to allocate about 20% of the total space. Comfort here should be assured by enough tables and chairs, areas with sofas and wide countertops in the kitchen so that employees do not have to rush to leave space for others.

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The upholstered furniture and tables create areas that will allow you to sit comfortably on a sofa with a cup of coffee and a counterpart in front, as well as comfortably dine at the spacious tables. If you want to emphasize the zoning of the space and give extra privacy to the conversations happening, you can choose acoustic walls. They can be attached to tables, upholstered furniture or become an interior accent as a element of a wall or a separate standing wall.


Office kitchen equipment and furniture will be used by many people every day, so it is important to pay attention to their quality and durability. If your workplace is extra-large, you may want to consider purchasing a kitchen from HORECA sector manufacturers. The kitchens of these manufacturers are adapted to places with a high flow of people. If you are looking for durability, the most durable furniture surfaces can be metal, wood or recycled plastic. Designers do not recommend using the imitation leather or too many textiles that do not have resistance and durability.

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Remember, even if you have a naturally well-lit kitchen space, you’ll need to install brighter lights to keep your office kitchen bright during the darker winter months.


You can also use the office kitchen space to create a workplace culture. If you are a manager and want to show concern, building productive and warm relationships with employees so that they achieve the best results the simplest extra courtesy gestures can work wonders. Order fresh fruit or snacks for staff each week and please note that some staff may have different eating habits. Vegetable milk or other alternative products for the most discerning office workers: little effort, but employees are healthier, happier and satisfied.

These several solutions will help both in installing a new office kitchen and in improving an existing one. In the photos in the article, Ergolain experts share examples of how to create interiors of non-standard spaces. The designed office kitchens meet all the needs of a modern office and employee: cozy, comfortable, durable, using quality materials, promoting productivity and collaboration between colleagues.