Norwegian – Lithuanian business forum 2021

We all have been living in a new pandemic reality for almost two years, when all the usual rules of the game no longer apply and, more importantly, no one has created the new rules yet. All businesses have to adapt quickly and sometimes even just improvise and hope for the best.


Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Lithuanian Embassy in Norway, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius and Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerceco-organized the business event - „Norwegian-Lithuanian Business Forum 2021“, in which Vilma Bružienė, CEO of the Ergolain group of companies, shared her proficiency in adapting to the challenges caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19 caught everyone by surprise. „Ergolain“ is no exception. After the quarantine was announced in Lithuania, we immediately looked for ways what we can do in this situation. What was „Ergolain” resilience plan?


The first step – „War Room“ crisis management strategy;



The second step - „All in for the win“ sales strategy;



The third step - „Wellbeing“ program for employees.

Vilma Bružienė and Forum moderator in Oslo - Tom O. Kleppesto

Our resilience plan has paid off. In 2020, „Ergolain group“ revenue had increased by 19 percent.


A pandemic has taught us that it is necessary to train business endurance muscles because you never know when you will have to look for solutions from seemingly hopeless situations. COVID-19 will eventually come to an end, but the world is talking about another challenge: climate change. And this is where sustainability will be the main weapon for business resilience.

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