NEW! Boxy – acoustic and levitating furniture |

NEW! Boxy – acoustic and
levitating furniture

A series of acoustic furniture Boxy was designed at the request of the office furniture company Ergolain projektai by Plazma – one of the most famous Lithuanian architecture studios.

Architect Rytis Mikulionis, the author of the design, says that he avoids any strict limits between architecture and design. “It has always been interesting to me, where architecture ends and design begins, and how do these two worlds inspire and complement each other.”



Functional zones in modern offices and public spaces have no strict limits and if needed they may also be formed with mobile, functional and aesthetic furniture. Boxy helps one to concentrate on attention- demanding tasks, have private phone calls or simply relax by isolating oneself from the ambient noise.

Boxy furniture is functional and creates a memorable visual effect. “When looking from afar, it appears that a person sits on a piece of furniture which is floating in the air,” R. Mikulionis says. The architect also notes that the “levitating” Boxy furniture are best brought out in roomy offices or public spaces.

Boxy series consist of single-seaters and two-seat sofas. Manufacturers offer several colours and textures for furniture body as well as ecological upholstery fabrics.