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Extraordinary class installed in Kaunas “Saulė” gymnasium

ERGOLAIN implemented ‘’Business class’’ at Kaunas ‘’Saulė’’ gymnasium

Office and HORECA furniture experts Ergolain group of companies joined a social initiative which delighted young students of Kaunas "Saulė" gymnasium. Ergolain has installed a "Business Class" that meets all the needs of a modern student - it is bright, ergonomic, contemporary and promotes productivity and creativity. The portal "Kauno diena" talked with Vilma Bružienė, the head of the Ergolain group, and a representative of ISM, who told more about the idea of the ​​"Business class", cooperation between companies and this social initiative. We invite you to read the news article.

ISM University together with partner office and HORECA furniture experts, Ergolain, have created the first physical business classroom space at Kaunas ‘’Saulė’’ Gymnasium, where students will be able to study and create in a modern and inspiring environment. “We started the ISM Business Class project to carry out an educational mission and share our knowledge and experience. Our lecturers, experts from Lithuania and abroad went to schools with the goal of presenting the lessons in an interesting way. We see the importance and meaning of this project from the extremely positive feedback from students and teachers, so we are taking another important step to create not only relevant content, but also an inspiring environment. Kaunas "Saulė" gymnasium is the first school where we have installed a modern, attractive, and productivity-promoting space for students. - says dr. Dalius Misiūnas, Rector of ISM University.

Experts of the office and the HORECA furniture Ergolain group, who specialize in the production of ergonomic furniture and the management and implementation of complex projects, helped to create the new Business Classroom at the school. ISM partners made sure that students spent their entrepreneurship in a modern, contemporary, creative, learning-friendly, and adapted environment. "We have been cooperating with ISM University for many years because we strongly believe in the importance of education and the changes it creates. We agree with the saying: to change the world, we need to start from ourselves. Ergolain Group continues to provide generous financial support for educational projects and initiatives, as we believe that both businesses and society will enjoy dividends on investment in education in the future. We believe that excellent, motivating teachers, technology and an inspiring environment are essential to focus on student productivity and wellbeing. Tables of the right height, comfortable chairs, proper lighting, well-distributed and used space will help students get involved in the lesson, perform group and individual tasks easier.” says Vilma Bružienė, Ergolain Group Director.

ISM partners made sure that students spent their entrepreneurship in a modern, creative, learning-friendly environment. In the photo - (from left) ISM sales manager Silvija Butkutė, ISM rector dr. Dalius Misiūnas, Director of Kaunas Saulė Gymnasium Sonata Drazdavičienė, Head of Ergolain Group Vilma Bružienė. (ISM photo)
ERGOLAIN has set up desks and chairs in the Business Class, and a high table for student projects and team activities. There is also a cozy amphitheater area in the classroom where students can relax, socialize or perform other tasks.