Gabija progymnasium (Project manager: Ergolain Projektai)

The learning environment is one of the key factors determining educational outcomes. Modern learning environment should be designed in such a way that pupils and students can learn with equal quality both independently and in a group. Properly designed spaces, carefully selected color combinations, lighting, ergonomics and easily transformable furniture - all these factors increase motivation and involvement of students in the educational process.

We present Ergolain designers' solutions for modern design of educational spaces.


When starting to design the interior of a building, it is important to find out the needs of each educational institution: what are the daily flows of pupils and students, in which spaces more time is spent, what activities are carried out in classrooms. Designers pay attention to the universal use of the premises. Each space in the building can be adapted for different educational purposes. Well-thought-out layout of spaces, convenient and fast interior transformation will not only provide more coziness, but also diversify the educational process.

Balsiai school (Project manager: Ergolain Projektai)
Kaunas College (Project manager: Ergolain Projektai)


Acoustic solutions are not just about sound isolation. They help to separate spaces, create different areas of the premises. The possibilities of acoustic solutions are very diverse: from table partitions, exclusive design sofas, acoustic furniture, to wall panels and artificial plants. Thus, acoustic details can become exclusive interior accents.


To avoid teachers having to repeat: "sit by the window to write", the lighting should be adapted to the specific spaces and needs of the students. How to create the right lighting:


  • Use light tones that support the space function;
  • Use circadian lighting (adaptive to the time of day) .;
  • Remove obstacles to natural light;
  • Use special switches to adapt the lighting to the activities of the pupils or students.
VU National Open Access Scientific Communication and Information Center (Project Manager: Ergolain Projektai)
Balsiai school (Project manager: Ergolain Projektai)


Transformable furniture can help to quickly transform spaces and adapt to a specific educational process and the number of pupils or students. This is especially useful for smaller educational institutions where the same space can perform multiple functions.



Pupils and students spend most of the day sitting. Ergonomic furniture helps to maintain well-being and health of learners and reduces fatigue. In addition, ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable tables can be adapted to everyone's height.


In modern schools, children are educated by choosing not only traditional teaching methods. Non-formal education activities become even more exciting when they take place in creative spaces. Bright colors, unusual shapes, sofas, playful designs - all this contributes to the development of students' imagination and creativity. Loved by teachers and students, the ergonomically designed, GLOBE balls enliven every space. In addition, the balls can be used instead of regular chairs. You can even have swings hanging in school - the possibilities of creative spaces are unlimited.

Balsiai school (Project manager: Ergolain Projektai)

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