EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE – positivity initiative to the public

Furniture group of companies ERGOLAIN teamed up with event technical service company Event Solutions to launch #ViskasBusGerai #EverythingWillBeFine positivity project.

In this difficult situation and all the chaos induced by the Coronavirus, we want to discover what unites us, express support, thank the heroes, who are fighting with all their hearts and spread positivity all around!

We placed screens at our office in Vilnius therefore everybody who is passing by can see positive messages. We sincerely believe: it is important to spread positivity and to keep optimism during this extraordinary period.

Our first message was dedicated to the #LaikykitesMedikai movement. Also we are sending good thoughts to Italy, USA, Spain. Our little ones from ERGOLAIN are sharing their rainbows as a positivity symbol: #ViskasbusGerai #EverythingWillBeFine

Initiators of the project: ERGOLAIN and EVENT SOLUTIONS also businessmen Romualdas Bėkšta and Vygantas Keras – encourage companies and society to join this initiative.

The team of positivity:

ERGOLAIN - furniture group of companies
EVENT SOLUTIONS - event technical service company
#ViskasBusGerai idea co-authors businessmen Romualdas Bėkšta and Vygantas Keras.

Photos: Giedrius Akelis‬

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