ERGOLAIN projects are in the TOP 12 objects implemented in 2019 |

ERGOLAIN projects are in the TOP 12 objects implemented in 2019

Each year architecture magazine STRUCTUM  together with the team of architecture professionals select and announce the most spectacular objects of the year! In 2019 2 projects out of 12 winners are equipped and implemented by ERGOLAIN!

TOP projects of 2019:

  • Business center „PARK TOWN";
  • Vilnius business center  „PARK CONTINENTAL";
  • QUEEN MORTA school;
  • Vilnius Office „AGROKONCERNAS"; 
  • Apartments „PETELIŠKIŲ PARKAS";
  • CAR CENTER in Vilnius;
  • „HILTON PARK" and „LIVE SQUARE" complex in Vilnius;
  • Dwelling house in Vilnius;
  • The second S7 business center in Vilnius, Kalnėnai;
  • Business center „BUSINESS STADIUM WEST".


One of many non-standard projects of bars and restaurants ERGOLAIN has installed in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions! It wouldn't be possible without such professionals as PLAZMA architecture studio.

Ergolain installed all non-standard furniture for the BHause Gastrobar, Good Beer Shop, Second Floor Bar, Exhibit Space and Office furniture in the administrative part of the factory, as well as internal wall panels for the entire building WC and other common areas. 

During the project quality, durability and functionality of the furniture were the main criterias and requerements.

Even one of the World's most read architecture & design portal ArchDaily wrote about this interior in Klaipėda, Lithuania:


USA medical equipment manufacturer's office space  meeting fifth-generation 5.0 office requirements, was implemented togeteher with architects from A2SM!

Office furniture designed and made not only for workspaces, but also for a medical equipment laboratory and a huge canteen, accommodating more than 200 people! Part of the furniture is completely unique, designed and manufactured specially for the client, like almost 6 meters long non-standart conference table. Other, height-adjustable tables, integrated into workspaces, which can be easily controlled just by your own hand! Project's furniture is not only ergonomic, functional and exclusive, but also made of natural materials and produced directly from our own factory - overall 1770 pieces of furniture, made only in 4 weeks! And it's only the beginning of even larger development.