Supporting, encouraging, expressing care through any needed assistance, speaking publicly on sensitive topics and engaging business for discussions is one of Ergolain company practices and rising ideologies.

We are very pleased to get acquainted with Ugne and our new friends CHILDREN'S LINE association. Vilma Bružienė, the head of the Ergolain group, presented the prize to Ugne as one of the four winners of the ‘No-Bullying’ competition. All four winners' creativity was awarded with Ergolain prizes - ergonomic sitting balls called GLOBE.

After a brief meeting with Ugnė's family, Vilma shared her impressions: - “I am extremely happy to see motivated and bullying-free children. The determined look in the eyes of the girl gave much needed confidence about bullying free and friendly future. Everything will only get better."

Ugne was awarded with the prize sponsored by Ergolain - the ergonomic GLOBE ball
The winner of the ‘MISS OUT ON OPPORTUNITY TO BULLY’ competition. Ugnė, 6th grade

Get to know Ugnė: one of the winners of the competition ‘MISS OUT ON OPPORTUNITY TO BULLY’

Ugne shares her story behind the idea to participate in the Children's Line competition:

"During the art lesson, we drew logos on the topic of 'Bullying'. My drawing was selected to participate in the competition and I won with the help of my family and all voters on Facebook. The idea behind the shoe logo came with associatiations that bullying must be low, it must be trampled and destroyed.

Bullying has been a pressing issue in my mother’s past as well. Mom’s stories about bullying experiences at school and the emotions she experienced at that time gave the motivation to take part in the competition and try to stop bullying happening around us.

“I pursue my passion for singing by going to art school. In my free time I like to draw, play and spend time with my family.  However, I feel the distribution in school. Some students are labeled as "good" others are left overboard. The trend of bullying remains the same as it has at all times. When I grow up, I want to stop bullying and help those who experience it."

Creative work for the WITHOUT BULLYING campaign held by “Child Line”

Be-patyčių-Enrika Jauneikaitė-10 Klase
The winner of the ‘MISS OUT ON OPPORTUNITY TO BULLY’ competition. Enrika, 10th grade
The winner of the ‘MISS OUT ON OPPORTUNITY TO BULLY’ competition. Gerda, 9th grade
The winner of the ‘MISS OUT ON OPPORTUNITY TO BULLY’ competition. Eligijus, 8th grade