Ergolain acoustic solutions: sound-absorbing furniture, plants, lighting |

Ergolain acoustic solutions: sound-absorbing furniture, plants, lighting

Ringing telephones, colleague discussions, the rattling of a computer keyboards, the murmur of open and closed doors - these everyday office sounds can have a negative impact on the health and productivity of employees. The harmful effects of noise can be reduced if the office is equipped with modern acoustic solutions.

Ergolain Group, which has been developing office and HORECA projects in Lithuania and abroad pays special attention to the acoustics of the installed premises. Properly adapted acoustic solutions make the environment comfortable, healthy, and adapted to everyone's needs. The State Labor Inspectorate reports that noise in the workplace puts stress on employees and reduces their ability to work productively. Noisy companies have more frequent staff turnover and decreased productivity. The legal limit for workplace noise is 85 decibels (dB). For example, 20-30 dB sounds predominate in the library, 40-50 dB is recorded in a quiet office, and 50-60 dB in a normal conversation between colleagues. The loud radio reaches 65-75 dB, the door, the phone call - 80 dB, the road drill - 100-110 dB, the sound of an ascending plane 25 m away - 140 dB.

Monika Drigotienė, Ergolain's business development manager, notices that more and more customers understand the importance of high-quality acoustics in a modern office and are consistently investing in the high-quality acoustic solutions. “Customers know the value of properly implemented office and are keen to invest in noise reduction. " Ergolain experts always offer the latest and best acoustic solutions for a specific office," says M.Drigotienė.


In open-plan offices, workplaces are separated by desk-mounted acoustic partitions. Ergolain's head of business development points out that not all fabric-covered partitions absorb sound. "We offer our customers acoustic panels, which are usually made of recycled materials. The inside of these panels is filled with noise-absorbing acoustic wool, making employees feel comfortable working in an open space. By the way, customers can choose the color of the panels. From practice, I can say that most of our clients like to incorporate colors that decorate the company's logo into the interior of the office, ”details M.Drigotienė.

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Monika Drigotienė Ergolain Business Development Manager
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Depending on the specifics of the work - if an employee in the office speaks a lot on the phone or needs special concentration to the screen, a common solution is to install acoustic partitions on three sides of the table. Such furniture sets are often chosen by IT companies or call centers.

Modern office spaces can be easily transformed according to the needs of employees. For example, if you need to hold a small meeting, the space can be divided by sound-absorbing mobile partitions. In this way, staff working in a group will not interfere with colleagues who need to focus on individual projects.

In modern offices, walls can be one of the noise-absorbing elements as well. M.Drigotienė explains that Ergolain experts offer to incorporate modular, embossed design solutions into the walls, which not only perform the acoustic function perfectly, but also decorate the space.

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It is common to think that lamps are a source of light and an accent in the interior. Now, office luminaires made of special sound-absorbing materials can also act as acoustic solutions. M.Drigotienė gives an example that in office meeting rooms it is becoming standard to replace luminaires built into the ceiling with luminaires treated with acoustic material.


Open-plan offices can be used to create many small compact spaces where employees can work together and discuss in small groups. Ergolain customers often choose single, double, or quadruple Talk Talk booths. Global interior trends show that it is common for offices to have a mini-space installed in large spaces – for instance an acoustic booth as if it were a separate room.

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Another acoustic alternative is sofas with raised backrests that can be placed anywhere in the office.


It is interesting that Ergolain manufactures these acoustic sofas and Talk Talk acoustic booths adapted for public spaces in its factory in Šiauliai district. M.Drigotienė points out that sound-absorbing plants are becoming an increasingly important accent of the office. Sophisticated shapes made from recycled plastic not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also absorb excess sound.

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