Galutinis tikslas: ekologiška, tvaru, vadovaujantis žiedine ekonomika

The ultimate goal: green, sustainable, built upon circular economy


At Ergolain, we have been using the latter motto for several years. The company’s commitment to sustainability has shaped an experience we can already share with the world. We are glad that the Innovation Center of Lithuania has given as opportunity to present Ergolain company’s journey towards sustainability. The invitation to participate in an international webinar and reminded us of the importance of sharing the eco-friendly mindset with colleagues, business leaders and encourage not to be afraid to accept changes that would create a sustainable future.

A few years ago, ERGOLAIN made an action plan according to circular economy scheme. Firstly, we have modernized production processes by reducing the amount of scrap after production. The remaining scraps and old furniture are recycled and returned to the factory as raw materials. In this way, we reduce the consumption of new materials. What is more, we responsibly make sure that the supplied wood complies with the principles of sustainable forest management. To produce upholstered furniture, we choose sustainable fabrics from natural wool, recycled polyester, which is extracted from plastic collected at sea. All these fabrics can be recycled. Also, all the furniture produced in our factory is packed with easily recyclable materials, which can be sorted responsibly after assembling the furniture.

Circural Economy and Workplace


The principles of sustainability are very important in manufacture; however we try to apply the principles of the circular economy in office spaces as well. Education for both company employees and society is often a reminder of how simple changes in habits help the environment. Reduction of paper and plastic, sorting, sustainable food and beverage packaging ... This information is well known to many of us. It remains to understand, how important it is to apply it in practice. Company managers should note that the employee must be equipped properly to easily apply these simple principles. Maybe you can digitalize some of the paper documentation? Do you have sorting and recycling places in the workplace?


We ask these and other questions on a daily basis in order to constantly improve and work towards sustainability. The results may not be noticeable at the moment, but ten years from now, we will certainly be happy to make a conscious and timely decisions to protect our nature.