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Employee productivity is declining in the face of adversity: unpopular decisions may be required

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Request to distance yourself during work

Vilma Bružienė, the head of the Ergolain group of companies, says that in the last few weeks some people have been working at about 70% productivity, because they are not focused on direct work, but on the realities of war, and in the long run companies may feel the negative consequences of such inefficient work.


"One of Russia's goals is spreading panic in Europe, maybe even around the world. After all, we see that some people initially devoted almost half of their time to tracking information about war, but now this trend is gradually diminishing. During one of the meetings, I said that the economy will definitely be affected, but if our own efficiency falls, the potential losses can only be even greater and faster, ”says the manager.

Bružienė shares that now the most important thing is to focus on doing job as best we can.

"It simply came to our notice now. But for companies, this may be the only recipe for surviving in this situation and not feel a drop in results in the near future, ”says the interlocutor.

And one of the essential real-time ways to help achieve that, she cites one agreement with colleagues: "We read news before work, of course lunch break is a choice for people, but no follow-up at work."


In addition, she emphasizes that even after pandemic it is natural for employees to work in the office, which helps the organization maintain a better microclimate.

Bružienė also personally addressed all middle managers with a request on how to redistribute jobs. The search for new positions is currently suspended and the administrator has been relinquished in a recently set up office, with responsibilities being redistributed to several colleagues for extra pay.


“Already during the pandemic, I singled out several aspects of leadership that I now recall. It is courage and creativity. These two operating principles are very important. The courage to do awkward things and make unconventional decisions and creativity - to encourage other ways, in this case, the refusal of the administrator, which may have an echo, but which should not be feared, ”says the manager.


This is how it is revealed which leaders "have a backbone": "In situations like this, we cannot act as before. My main goal as a leader - to prevent people from getting tense, to collapse - now we are working not only for ourselves, for the company, but also for the well-being of the country. So now you can see even more people who are not real leaders - can a person who is "knocked out" in stressful situations really be the leader? "



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