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For 17 years, the Lithuanian group of companies Ergolain has been specializing in production of ergonomic furniture and in complex project management and implementation. We believe in the boldest solutions of interior design and in functional design, and for that reason we are constantly improving our knowledge, production processes, and introducing innovations. In particular, Ergolain turns its attention to research and development (R&D). All these are the reasons why we collaborate with the best architect companies and represent well-known world furniture manufacturers. To design ergonomic furniture for people and create lasting value for companies – this is the direction and the insight into the future chosen by Ergolain 17 years ago and followed up until now.
We offer our customers only the most advanced and future-oriented solutions. While most of its competitors don’t even know what Office 2.0 system is, Ergolain introduces successfully the cutting-edge Office 5.0.

The constantly introduced innovations don’t go unnoticed: our products – standard office furniture systems – have won numerous awards. We are particularly proud of these projects: The Scholarly Communication and Information Center and Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University, the Science and Technology Centre of Kaunas Technical University. We are happy to have contributed to the creation of sustainable environment in Barclays and Swedbank and other companies such as Adform Lithuania and the Small Planet Airlines. In 2017, the staff and guests of the NATO headquarters in Brussels will be able to enjoy the furniture designed by the Lithuanians. To be a leader in the Baltic region is a pleasant and demanding task. The Ergolain group of companies, most carefully adapting its products for business, functionality and people, has been every day striving to confirm the appreciation of customers.



Specus Šiauliai founded


the Ergolain brand name registered


Ergolain starts operating in Klaipėda


an Ergolain factory opened


Ergolain starts operating in Vilnius


Ergolain moves to bigger, 4,000 sq. m. premises


Ergolain starts operating in Latvia


LTL 10M (EUR 2.9M) turnover reached


Ergolain employs more than 100 people


LTL 34.5M (EUR 10M) turnover reached


Ergolain company is established in Russia


LTL 44M (EUR 12.7M) turnover is reached


we started operating in the UK market


Ergolain has more than 150 employees

Why us

The ability to know the client

The experts of Ergolain are able to listen to each customer’s needs and help them to choose the best solutions. 20 sales project managers and a team of 15 designers constantly extend their knowledge in Lithuania and abroad in order to see opportunities for innovation even in standard situations and help the customer to find a reliable solution to his problem.

Working out an ergonomic design project

Depending on the ergonomic requirements and individual customer needs, our experts are able to create high-tech projects, to lay out functional areas, offices and workplaces professionally. We believe that in order to combine successfully functional work environment, ergonomics and aesthetics you need to collaborate closely with your client. Both in making the projects and creating the furniture that meets the highest design, quality and ergonomic requirements, the experts of Ergolain pay special attention to individual needs of the customer.

A wide range of products

Thanks to the wide circle of the Ergolain partners, we can find attractive solutions even for the low-budget projects on home or office environment. Having taken into consideration different requirements of our clients and the value of the projects, we offer an individual choice of the products, the colours, and other most suitable solutions. Working with more than 20 foreign partners allows us to ensure exceptional functionality and design that meets each client’s needs.

Own production facilities

We have our own 5,000 sq. m. production facilities, and the experience we have accumulated through many years allows the implementation of customized furniture solutions for even the most demanding customer. In the manufacturing process, we strive to introduce innovations: we have introduced an effective management system Lean and are improving technological processes in collaboration with famous architects and designers. Our standard Ergolain furniture series, developed and improved for many years, have received numerous awards.

Many years of project management expertise

Each project is implemented on the basis of the time-tested project management standard. Long-term expertise guarantees success in both small and large scale projects. Their smooth implementation at all stages is guaranteed by a team of certified professionals.

Reliable (post) warranty service

We provide a professional service to ensure high-quality warranty and post-warranty service and pursue a long-term partnership. More than 20 highly qualified Ergolain service workers are taking daily care of the products you have purchased. The continuously improved customer service standard ensures quality and timely warranty and post-warranty service.



Since its inception, Ergolain has been responsibly developing and nurturing traditions within the organization. The company holds annual summer sports festivals, thematic Christmas parties, autumn holidays, also organizes birthday celebrations, kayaking trips, and many other events. One of its long-standing traditions is to organize and foster the Architects’ day celebration, bringing together events in all Lithuanian cities visited by 500-1000 specialists each year.


Today Ergolain is a synonym of ergonomics and new trends in the installation of public spaces. Every year, by creating innovative products, we strive to contribute to the global innovations and also the creation of the future. Every year, the company produces 2-5 series of cabinet and upholstered furniture, developed together with architects, students and the designers of Ergolain. The Lean system, introduced in the company, allows constant improvement of administrative and production processes.

The companies of the group have been repeatedly awarded in the categories of innovative products and innovative companies:
The national competition INNOVATION AWARD 2006, the winner in the category of innovative products for the manager office furniture series 007;
The Lithuanian Product of the Year 2007, the gold medal for the reception furniture system WAVE;
The national competition INNOVATION AWARD 2007, the winner in the category of innovative products for the reception furniture system WAVE;
The competition of Šiauliai region INNOVATION PRIZE 2006, the winner is the private limited company Ergolain.


Employees of Ergolain constantly learn and improve their skills. We develop each employee’s responsibility for his/her work quality, safety and environmental impact. In the workplace, safe working conditions are created; much attention is turned to the prevention of accidents; the workers’ safety and health management system LST1977:2008 has been introduced and constantly improved.

Each member of the company must spend at least 3-5 working days for the improvement of skills: joint training, improvement of individual skills, specialized training, language courses, visiting factories of foreign partners and absorbing of their good practices, attending of specialized exhibitions (iSaloni, ORGATEC, Iterzum).

We introduce trends of ergonomics to the wider public by organizing special seminars for architects, clients and other people who are interested (the conference “Everything about ergonomics, the presentation of the fifth generation office to the customers and architects), in the press we publish news on the latest global trends in the installation of offices and public spaces.

Environmental protection

One of our goals is to prevent pollution and control impact on the environment made by the production of furniture and manufacturing technology. Principles of waste recycling, sorting and collection are applied to all the processes. The efficient management system Lean installed in the manufacturing helps to optimize the company’s processes and provides production and services at minimum costs.

We have introduced and are constantly improving the environmental management system ISO 14001:2005 and the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. We strive to improve technological processes and products in order to reduce their environmental impact during the lifecycle.

Timber used for the production of furniture is supplied from FSC, PEFC certified forests that are maintained in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest management. Responsible use of the wood we contribute to the prevention of deforestation and the conservation of forest ecosystems.
In all offices of Ergolain, a waste sorting system has been installed and carefully maintained.

Social responsibility

By sharing our experience with various academic institutions and students we encourage cooperation between businessmen and scholars, enhance entrepreneurial and practical skills of students, provide opportunities to learn and grow together with our company.
Ergolain is a long-time member of the Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and the member of the Board of the Lithuanian Timber Industry Companies’ Association, a sponsor of various projects. Managers and employees of the companies are involved in the activities of public organizations (Rotary, directors’ clubs, etc.).
We are investing in science, art and children’s sports (the children’s golf academy, rugby school, basketball school, the ISM 100 talent program, the Lithuanian Golf Federation). Ergolain pays particular attention to the cooperation with scientific institutions, universities and colleges, organizes competitions (“Workplace of the Future”), and participates in the preparation of exhibitions and introduction of Lithuanian architectural achievements to the world (the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016).


Ergolain represents the most famous and innovative global furniture manufacturers. Due to the decades of experience we are working with partners who can offer a very wide range of choice that meets different needs of the clients. Regardless of the scale of a project, we are attentive to each client and the budget, style and function of their projects. Together with our partners we ensure the quality of the project management and help to choose the best suitable products. We collaborate with a very large but carefully selected circle of our partners. For each client, we ensure the highest level of advice and service and we are ready to look for the best solutions for price, style and materials. All ideas of the clients are implemented within the limits of their budget.

Clients Reviews

„I am pleased that this great project has been carried out in due time and with considerable attention. In my opinion, “Ergolain projektai” professionals’ responsible and creative approach to their workhas delivered favourable results. It was a pleasure to work with this team and I hope for further cooperation with themin the future“

Alma Palekienė | Architect

“Representatives of UAB “Ergolain projektai” not only offered innovative solutions and qualitatively manufactured ​​furniture, but also stuck to the exact project timing. During this complex project the employees of the company worked closely with the client. Contractor’s work confirmed high degree of professionalism and responsible attitude towards its contractual obligations. Skilled managers, engineers and workers performed all works under the contract schedule.”    

Jūras Banys | Acting Rector of Vilnius University

“Swedbank valda” UAB has been working with UAB “Ergolain projektai” since 2009. UAB “Ergolain projektai” has been providing services of furniture manufacture and installation to the “Swedbank” AB administrative building, located at Konstitucijos pr. 20A, Vilnius, in accordance with the Furniture Manufacture and Installation Agreement. We continue our cooperation with UAB “Ergolain projektai”. UAB “Ergolain projektai” has been fulfilling its contractual obligations in due time and proper quality. UAB “Ergolain projektai” is a reliable business partner.

Gintaras Rutkauskas | Director

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